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Seller FAQs

How do I register as a Seller?

As a first step, please Join us as a Seller and Create your Seller Account. We will then send you an email with an onboarding form which you would need to fill and send it back to us with some documents such as copy of GSTIN certificate, Bank Details, Cancelled Cheque, PAN No. and KYC details, i.e. Identity and Address Proof (Any 2 from Aadhaar, Passport, Voters ID or Driving License) and share the same at We will evaluate the form and then get back to you with the rest of the process or in case there are any queries.

Getting Started

Who can sell on AlwaysPure and what documents are required at the time of Registration?

Anyone selling new and genuine products is welcome to sell on the platform. In order to start selling, you need to have the following:
• GSTIN/TIN Number
• PAN Card (Personal PAN for business type “Proprietorship” and Personal + Business PAN for business type as “Company”)
• Bank account and supporting KYC documents (Address Proof, and Cancelled cheque)
• Minimum of 1 unique product to sell

How do I sell on AlwaysPure?

To sell on AlwaysPure:
• Register yourself at
• List your products under specific product categories.
• Once an order is received, pack the product and mark it as ‘Ready to Dispatch’. Our logistics partner will pick up the product and deliver it to the customer.
• Once an order is successfully dispatched, AlwaysPure will settle your payment within 7-15 business days or order delivery and receipt by the customers.

Can I offer both products and services on AlwaysPure?

Currently, you can sell only products and not services on AlwaysPure.

Do I need to courier my products to AlwaysPure?

No, AlwaysPure will handle shipping of your products. All you need to do is pack the product and keep it ready for dispatch. Our logistics partner will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the customer.

Who decides the price of the products?

As a seller, you will set the price of your products.

How and when will I get paid?

The payment will be made directly to your bank account through NEFT transactions. AlwaysPure will settle your payments within 7-15 business days.

When can I start selling?

After all the required documents have been verified and your seller profile is complete, you can start listing your products and start selling.

How many listings are required to start selling?

You are required to have a minimum of 1 listing (unique products) to start selling on AlwaysPure.

What is the Marketplace Fee Structure?

Marketplace Fee Structure

What are Launch Fees?

AAA will charge a one-time launch processing fee of Rs.5000/- plus GST and will include 1 organic post and 1 paid post on social media. The launch fee is primarily to open your account and to provide you with a dedicated seller panel.

Do you charge Shipping Fees?

What are the Shipping Fees in case of Fulfilment by

To ensure ease of selling and the best possible customer experience, AA Agencies or (hereinafter AAA) mandates delivery to all customers via our logistics partner and deduct the shipping cost from the selling price before making a payment to you, Settlement Amount
Shipping fee is calculated on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher and location. This is to account for items which are lightweight but occupy a lot of shipping space. You may also refer to Shiprocket’s Rate List ( to check on the shipping rates. Please note that we are also dependent on serviceable locations by Shiprocket and GST will be over and above the published rates.
You may charge a fixed shipping based on the order value or not charge the customer at all, or you may charge the customer a variable shipping rate based on your MRP and you absorb the balance shipping amount. For. E.g.
1. * Shipping Charges based on order value or weight: Example given below:
a. For all orders whose total value is less than Rs.500, Shipping rate could be = Rs.50
b. For all orders whose total value is between Rs.500 and Rs.999, Shipping rate could be = Rs.35, and
c. For all orders greater than Rs.1000, Shipping could be offered FREE, or
d. For all products that weigh more than 1kg, shipping rate could be Rs.75/100
* Please note that in all the points above, the amounts are only examples.
2. Flat Shipping Charges:
a. Irrespective of volume or weight, you may decide to charge a fixed amount of shipping to your customers.
b. In case you are selling a heavy product, you may also decide to share the shipping charges with the customer or charge the full amount, on checkout to the customer.
3. Zero Shipping Charges: You, as a seller, may also decide to absorb the entire shipping cost and not charge the customer at all.
Please remember that whichever option you choose, shipping charges when have to be paid by customers, may impact sale. We therefore recommend that the seller should try and either make the shipping charges Nil to the customer or charge a nominal amount depending on Order Value.

What are Collection Fees?

Collection Fees

A small payment called Collection Fee is charged to you for all postpaid or COD orders that you receive. The Collection fee will vary depending on the payment type chosen by the customer (Early COD or Normal Payment Timelines by our logistics partner).
For a Postpaid or COD order charges are based on Cash Collection charges by the shipping partner.
The collection fee will be calculated on the final selling price of a product. The final selling price is a sum of the amount paid by the Customer including shipping charges, if any (Price of product + Shipping charges). This will remain the same for all sellers.

Selling Price Post-paid or COD
0-750 As per logistics partner
>750 As per logistics partner

What are the Commissions Charged to the Seller and How I get Paid?


AAA will charge a certain percentage of the order item value. This percentage will depend on the MRP, Category & the Sub-category of the product.

Who decides the price of the product?

As a seller, you will set the price of your products.
Please give an example to show the cost calculation.
Here’s an easy example, which illustrates a sample the above calculation:

Selling Price (decided by you) – Assuming Rs.1000/- 1000
Margin Fee (varies across sub-categories/verticals) – (Assuming 25% in this E.g.) 250
Total Marketplace Fee 250
GST (18% on Marketplace fee deduction) 45
Total deductions 295*
Settlement Value (Amount credited to you) 705

* Please note that Shipping Charges have not been taken here as its variable and depends on the Seller on how much to charge or whether to give it free.

How and when do I get paid?

All payments are made through NEFT transactions (online banking). The payment is made directly to your bank account within the next 7-15 business days from the date of order dispatch order received by the Buyers.

What is the Order Management and Packing Process?

Who takes care of the delivery of my products?

Our logistics partner will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the customer. All you need to do is keep it packed and ready for dispatch. Please ensure that the packaging is tamper-proof and sealed properly.

What should I do if my area is not serviceable by AlwaysPure?

During registering, save the details of your pin code and click on the Continue button. You will be notified via e-mail when your pin code becomes serviceable.

How do I manage my orders on AlwaysPure?

Through our seller dashboard, we make it very easy for you to manage your orders. Whenever a customer places an order:
• You will get an e-mail alert with the order details.
• You need to pack the order and keep it ready for dispatch within the time frame provided by you and inform us through the seller portal. Do remember to tape the package with the AlwaysPure tape provided by us.
• This will alert our logistics partner to pick up the product from you.

Does AlwaysPure provide packaging material?

Packaging material will have to be provided by the seller. We have a network of best packaging material providers in the industry. We can help and connect you with them to get good quality packaging material which impresses the customers and ensures your products remain undamaged.

What is the Fulfilment Process?

Currently AA Agencies or AlwaysPure™ (AP) only offers Fulfilment by AP and Self-Shipping by Seller for products sold on our marketplace.

What is Fulfilment by AP?

Once you are onboarded on the AlwaysPure™ marketplace as a seller, you are automatically a part of the Seller Fulfilment. Under this fulfilment, while AP will be processing the order, you will be responsible for managing your orders and inventory. Once you have packed your orders and marked RTD (Ready to Despatch), our logistics partner’s agent will collect this package and deliver it to the respective customer. AlwaysPure can provide you with packaging vendors if you need.
AlwaysPure™ will also provide you with packing tapes with AlwaysPure™ branding to be used to pack the products with the packaging material.
We can provide you with a basic training of how to process your orders, how to pack them and how to fulfill these orders. Also, you don’t have to worry about the delivery of your products, ALwaysPure™ will take care of it.

What is Self-Shipping by Seller?

This option of fulfilment is primarily for perishable and read-to-eat food products which have a very short shelf-life and which will not be able to sustain the harsh conditions of shipping. These products are typically delivered on within the city and hence the seller will have to take the responsibility of shipping such products.
Under seller fulfilment, you are responsible for processing and managing your orders and inventory and delivery to the customers. AP will be accepting orders on your behalf and you will be ensuring delivery of the same within the promised delivery timelines.
AlwaysPure™ will also provide you with packing tapes with AlwaysPure™ branding to be used to pack the products with the packaging material.

Returns and Seller Protection

What protection does AAA and AlwaysPure offer in case of lost/damaged goods and fraudulent customer claims?

AAA does not have a “NAAA and AlwaysPure will help the buyer by speaking with the logistics partner and help in getting reimbursements, if any. When the logistics partner is at fault, we will help you to try and get due compensation. In cases of fake orders or arbitrary returns, cost of replacement and or refund will be borne by AAA. In case of defective product or packaging, cost of replacement and or refund will be borne by the Seller.

Would I get compensation if the goods are damaged or lost in transit?

In all probability, you will get a refund as transit insurance (Up to a max. amount of Rs.5000/- or product value whichever is lower) is included and as long as its damaged by the logistics partner. When your products are damaged in transit, you can raise a claim. The refund depends on the scenario and product and will be investigated by AAA and our logistics partner.