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What Kind of Products Can You Sell Here?

Eco Friendly
Made by You
Natural & Wellness
Synthetics & Chemical Free

Your Wellness Shop!

Why should you Partner with us?

Exclusive Seller Benefits
  • Dedicated seller section
  • Product details with USP
  • Upload curated images
  • Run ads in the platform
Exclusive Customers
  • Niche platform attracts only those
    interested in wellness products
  • Young and upwardly mobile
  • Targeted reach across India
We Grow Together
  • On-time payments, every time
  • Joint marketing campaigns
  • Unlimited products to list
  • Dedicated team

What you need to Sell on

Your company has all the necessary papers and licences to operate Your products are natural and free from synthetics You are a small and young start-up

Close your eyes and tick the above boxes in your mind.
You can also take a quick nap if you want to…
Seriously, no one’s watching 😊.
If you meet the above conditions, you are ready to rock n’ roll and move to the next steps.
  • Send the required documents – Not a truck load, just a few
  • AlwaysPure approves – A mere formality and it’s just to make us feel good
  • Discuss and agree on commercials – Money does matter!!
  • Sign the agreement – Belief is important but let’s trust on data
  • Seller login is created…Phew, Finally!!
  • List the products on the seller panel…Exciting times!
  • Listing approval – We know you are right, but just in case.
  • Woohooo!!! Your Brand is live now…
  • AlwaysPure starts your launch campaign

So, how does this all work?

What is the Fulfilled by AlwaysPure [FBAP] Model?

Commercials – It’s your money &
you really need to get a hang of this!

Marketplace Fees
• Our commission will be a percentage recurring charge on every order processed which is decided mutually between us.
• Payment gateway charges of 2% will be applicable on all prepaid orders.
Shipping Charges
Please refer to this link of Shiprocket for all details on delivery charges (
One-Time Launch & Processing Fee Rs. 5000 + GST
• Includes 1 paid digital marketing boost in the first month
• Includes 1 organic social media post
• Includes 1 banner ad within first month for 3-5 days depending on brand traffic
Returns & Refunds
• AAA and doesn’t have a 100% “No questions asked” return and refund policy.
• Returns will be entertained if there is a genuine problem with the product or if the product or packaging is damaged.
Respective Responsibilities
• Wrong item & defective product/packaging – Here, the cost of replacement and/or refund to be borne by the seller
• Fake order or arbitrary return – Here, cost of replacement and/or refund to be borne by AAA or

List of documents required…Getting tired? Guess what, you have reached the last step. As they say, all good things in life, take a little bit of time.

1. GST Certificate (Mandatory)
2. FSSAI License (Applicable for Food and Beverages)
3. Brand label images of all products you want to list
4. Back label of all the products showing nutrition table (Applicable for Food and Beverages) & ingredient list for Beauty, Cosmetics, Supplements, etc.
5. Product description of all the products that you want to list
6. Current address proof with pin code (Aadhaar, Voter ID or Driving License) to check serviceability by our logistics partner
7. Product list with details of MRP, HSN codes, etc. (form attached with this email)
8. Contact details – Contact person, Mobile number & email id in your company
9. KYC Details – PAN; ID Proof (Aadhaar, Voter ID or Driving License)
Phew!!! Finally, we are done!!! So, if you want to hop on a plane and soar ahead, just agree to all the above T&Cs and kindly attach your documents and email us at or simple reply to this email.
In the unlikely event that you do not want to continue, or you have questions, let us touch base and we will be happy to help you with any query you may have. Either ways, we hope to see you sooner than later and wish you the very best ahead!!!
Au Revoir